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Private Label 15ML TKTX Numbing Anesthetic Blue Tktx Gel for during Tattoo Micorblading Use

Private Label 15ml Anesthetic numb gel for during Permanent makeup microblading tattoo
15ML 30ML private label anesthetic tattoo numbing gel
Clear Gel and Blue Gel are available
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Private Label 15ML TKTX Numbing Anesthetic Blue Tktx Gel for during Tattoo Micorblading Use

TKTX blue Gel   30ml 5% Lidocaine  or as your request   Blue gel or Clear gel
TKTX blue Gel   15ml 5% Lidocaine  or as your request  Blue gel or Clear gel



1. Safe ingredients: The tattoo gel is made of high-quality ingredients and is the perfect natural solution to protect and repair new tattoos.

2. Fast results: the skin is not dry, red or itchy after a new tattoo, which is the most useful part of our cream.

3. Pain relief: The unique blend of natural ingredients can provide relief where needed, while triggering the body's own pain relief mechanism.

4. Light and thin texture: The formula absorbs quickly, has a good smell, does not feel greasy, or remains on the skin or clothes, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

5. Applicability: A local anesthetic cream specially formulated to relieve pain during tattoos, hair removal, body piercing, body waxing, bikini waxing, cosmetic tattoos and permanent makeup.


Apply directly to the skin evenly, which is safe, hygienic and convenient. This soothing tattoo gel helps speed up recovery and keep the tattooed skin healthy while moisturizing.


Capacity: 30ml

Ingredients: lidocaine, prilocaine, epinephrine, etc.

Scope of application: microneedle pain, tattoo, body piercing, tattoo removal, hair removal waxing, beauty tattoo

Package Included:

1 *Tattoo quick numbing gel




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